What do I need to get married?

Notice Of Intended Marriage (NOIM) – to be filled in at least 1 calendar month prior to the ceremony.

Passport and Birth certificate to be sighted and  for photo ID

Decree absolute if divorced or death certificate if widowed.

Passport if born overseas and statutory declaration may be needed.

Form 14 to be signed just prior to ceremony-usually at rehearsal.

Birth /marriage certificate applications (for shortening of time application).

For birth/marriage certificates in NSW

 Need A translator?  Click Here

 Marriage Law and Celebrants section: Click Here

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Having trouble locating your birth certificate?

If born in ACT phone 6207 6444 otherwise  BDM in the relevant state.

The Attorney Generals department Click Here see marriage section.
Click Here if marrying overseas or applying for visa’s.

What happens after our ceremony?

After your wedding day, I will promptly send in your documents to be registered at Births, Deaths and Marriages in the relevant state.  You will need this to change your name or for any official applications.

In certain cases, your official certificate can be expressed if needed for postings or travel-please ask.

Or if you wish to apply yourself, please go to Access Canberra. 

If married in NSW, please go to BDM Click Here for further information.

Still need to find a venue?

Find and book the perfect space around the lake Click Here go to- events and venues. Click Here to book a place in one of our beautiful  parks, such as Lennox gardens or  Old Parliament House Rose Gardens, Gibralter falls, the Cotter,  or Redhill lookout.